Who’s Running for Alderman in Your Ward?

Who’s Running for Alderman in Your Ward?

After the Tuesday, February 26 elections, incumbent Tom Tunney won in the 44th Ward and incumbent Scott Waguespack in the 32rd Ward. There will be runoff elections in the 43, 46 and 47 Wards on Tuesday, April 2. 

This election is crowded — from the 14 mayoral candidates to contentious aldermanic races, Chicago is filled with political hopefuls.

With so many residents running and 50 wards to follow, it’s difficult to keep track of the platforms and candidates that apply to you. But it’s important to know who your public officials are and to vote for those who you believe in.

Since Fall Quarter, 14 East has collected DePaul student addresses for its ongoing water testing project. 14 East used the 91 addresses collected to determine the top five wards DePaul students live in. Through our reporting, we found that the 32nd, 43rd, 44th, 46th and 47th Wards are the most popular areas for DePaul students in our reporting.

So, using the top five wards we have found DePaul students to live in, here’s info on who is running in those wards and what their platforms are.






If you don’t live in one of these wards, you can learn about who is running in your ward by entering your address into BallotReady.


Header illustration by Natalie Wade, 14 East

Correction: A previous version of this piece listed 43rd Ward candidate Jacob Ringer as John Ringer. That has since been corrected.

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