DePaul’s On-Campus Housing: What Residents Need to...

DePaul’s On-Campus Housing: What Residents Need to Know

On Wednesday evening, March 11, DePaul students received the first in a long line of emails stating that the university would be moving most DePaul classes online. The email triggered a variety of questions spanning from what will come of classes that require in-person components all the way to graduation status. But among the valid swath of questions comes a recurring concern: on-campus housing.

As of the latest data, approximately 19 percent of DePaul undergraduate students live in “college-owned, -operated or -affiliated housing”— housing students have been told to permanently move out of by March 22.

President A. Gabriel Esteban sent students an email stating that the university will try to accommodate on-campus residents who, under “exceptional circumstances,” cannot move out. However, the email did not specify what qualifies students to remain in on-campus housing.

Freshman and Ohio native Lillie Boose voiced her frustration with the abrupt announcement.

“I’m just starting to meet a lot of people and make all of my connections,” said Boose. “And now I’m leaving and I don’t get to know them.” But Boose is not the only student with questions and concerns.

To help students affected by this issue, we have compiled answers to some of the most-asked questions regarding on-campus housing at DePaul. Housing also created an FAQ web page.

Where can I apply to stay in on-campus housing?

Housing has released a form, which must be completed by Monday, March 16 at 5 p.m. for students who want to apply to continue living on campus. As of Thursday night, students with classes that are not able to be online (science labs, theatre, music), student-athletes and international students are being given priority.

When do I need to move out?

Students need to be moved out by March 22 at 5 p.m. If students need an extension, they should email with their reasoning.

Will students be refunded housing costs?

Yes. Students will be fully refunded for spring quarter housing costs as well as costs that accompany housing costs, including meal plans and Medcare. This includes University Center students. Refunds are expected to take up to three weeks to process.

Which classes will continue to be held in person?

Although nothing has been confirmed by the university, students with theatre, music, and science classes with labs are going to be given priority considering the classes contain lessons that are unable to be taught online. The form where students request on-campus housing includes a section where students state if they are enrolled in any of the aforementioned classes.

Will residents need to move out permanently and what do I do with my stuff?

Yes, residents will need to move out permanently and remove all of their belongings as well. If students are in need of storage space, the Lincoln Park U-Haul at 1200 W Fullerton is offering students 30 days of free storage and have reported that they have over 500 storage units available. Normally, 30 days of storage are given for free if customers pay for the second month. Due to the circumstances of DePaul’s sudden housing changes, however, U-Haul has changed that policy to best help those in need.

In response to the sudden need for housing, one DePaul student created a spreadsheet of available housing resources that is being shared on social media and is accessible to public contributions.

For any other questions regarding on-campus housing, students are encouraged to visit the Housing Department’s website that features a list of FAQs and to send in questions, concerns or personal stories about how COVID-19 is impacting them to 14 East.

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Header image by Jenni Holtz and Yusra Shah, 14 East

Editor’s Note: When published, the story stated students received the email about moving to remote classes on Wednesday, March 12. The actual date was Wednesday, March 11. A correction has been made to reflect this. 

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