Creative: establishing a routine

Editor’s note: This is a creative piece. The views in this piece do not necessarily reflect those of the 14 East editorial staff.

wake up 

at ???

then ????? 

? ? ? ? ? ? ????? ?

?? ? ? ??  ?? ?


did i eat? ?

what???? time is it?

safe??? at home? am i s?a?f?e???

shower. clean. clean. clean. clean. clean. 

clean. clean. clean.

keep outside outside. stay clean. soap is your greatest weapon.

disinfect!!!!! shoes,hands,skin,face,eyes,mouth,sink,floor,walls,doors,windows,the air

don’t go outside. take precautions. but the air tastes so good.

and the sun feels just right. go for a run! 

run from everything even though you don’t know where the enemy could be

the enemy could even be you

run like it could save you. 

out of breath.

can’t breathe.

can’t breathe? 

symptoms? anxiety? virus? allergies? virus? virus? Virus? 


if you think you’re sick just stay inside.

keep yourself busy.

homework. entertainment. tigers. games. porn. escape. 

sleep at ???


can’t sleep? not like i have anywhere to be tomorrow so i guess i’ll keep myself busy?

busy ?? busy busy busy busy 

been on my phone for 23 hours a week on average

eyes glued to the numbers and jokes 

gpa goes ?down

?while the ?????body count goes up????

we just have to survive

& mourn the loss of loved ones

without being able to hug one another 

without fear of invasive microbodies

and remember

if you are alive. you are one of the lucky ones. 

     sleep & and be grateful that you woke up

Header image by Jenni Holtz, 14 East