The Chicago Minute: It’s Spooky (Footwork) S...

The Chicago Minute: It’s Spooky (Footwork) Season

Every year when October rolls around, an iconic Chicago footwork video resurfaces to ring in the spooky season. Meet the dancers behind the memorable moment.

For our first episode, we present The Chicago Minute: It’s Spooky (Footwork) Season. The dance style which originated in the South and West Sides of the city, stems from ‘90s hip hop and juke dancing. The increased tempo of 160 beats per minute made this dance form different. But if the technical jargon doesn’t really make sense, all people need to know is — it’s fast.

At the Harold Cultural Center in Bronzeville, a small group of Creation Chicago dancers often gathers for practice sessions. They laugh, joke around and have fun with each other before getting to business and rehearsing more choreography.

Some may have seen this group in action at popular events like Bulls games or Lollapalooza, but for those who haven’t, they may recognize the crew as a few of the dancers from the iconic Michael Myers Returns with Friends footworking video. In the short sequence, viewers watch Michael, along with characters like Chucky, Pennywise and Freddy Krueger synchronize their moves to create a spooky dance that takes viewers back to the days of watching the scary films.

We now talk with them to gain perspective of their world and what the video meant for footworking.


Produced by Abena Bediako and Emily Soto

Edited by Kiernan Sullivan

Filmed by Emily Soto and Kiernan Sullivan

Header graphic by Bridget Killian