14 East founding member Bea Aldrich is pursuing a career in journalism with a double major in media and cinema studies and journalism, along with a minor in graphic design. She is the program director at Radio DePaul.

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14 East founding member Danielle Church discovered her love for journalism in her hometown of Mount Prospect, Illinois. Now a junior at DePaul, she aspires to become a features or investigative reporter. A city girl with a passion for writing and carbs.




Felicia Darnell is a senior graduating with her B.A. in Journalism and a minor in African and Black Diaspora Studies. She is always looking to hone her passion for delving into in-depth reporting, creative journalistic writing and stories that impact people.



Jasminne Hernández is a journalism major at DePaul with a passion for feature writing and Latino media. A fluent Spanish and English speaker, she hope to someday work for a Chicago-based Latino news organization.

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Hannah Hoffman is a recent DePaul graduate, earning a B.A. in journalism and media and cinema studies. You can usually find her at a concert, film screening or cultural event in Chicago.




Nandi Howard is a journalism major at DePaul and a Houston native. You can normally catch her writing anything about beauty or health and occasionally interviewing your favorite underground hip-hop artist.




Illustrator Sydney Kosgard is majoring in cinematic animation with a minor in illustration. She is pursuing a career in independent and experimental animated film.



14 East founding member Patrick Krebs is a developer based in Chicago who writes software for the web. He is fussy about many things, including, but not limited to: coffee, podcasts, computers, comic books and movies.



Jack Ladd is a DePaul junior studying intercultural communication and journalism. Sent from my iPhone.



14 East founding member Shelley K. Mesch comes from Stillman Valley, Illinois, a town known for its high-school football and cornfields. When she isn’t swing dancing, binge-listening to podcasts or starting a new DIY project, she reports on human interests, social issues and technology.



14 East founding member Marissa Nelson is an avid foodie, a native of Madison, Wisconsin, a DePaul journalism and PR student, and a gladiator in a suit. Here to spread the love of cheese.

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Brendan Pedersen is a DePaul sophomore studying political science and journalism. He is an infrequent contributor to The DePaulia, works at the University Center for Writing-based Learning and runs a congressional debate team.



14 East founding member Liz Peterson is a writer and radio host with a love for music and the stories of its creators.

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From the beaches of Niantic, Connecticut, to Chicago (and soon New York), 14 East founding member Kiersten Sinko runs on coffee, constantly reads books and loves to eat food. And write about food. And take pictures of food. Basically anything with food.




With an extensive background in design and creative thought, illustrator Allegra Socki moved from Los Angeles to Chicago in pursuit of an education in graphic design and psychology. She is currently working as a freelance graphic designer and continues to practice her illustrations and photography.