Do you want to contribute to 14 East? Here’s how:



Can I write for 14 East?

Absolutely. Contact Hailey Bosek, editor in chief, or Amy Merrick, faculty adviser, to get started or send pitches. You can also add yourself to our list of contributing writers here.


Can I take photos or provide illustrations for 14 East?

YES! Where have you been? Contact Hailey Bosek or multimedia editor Kiernan Sullivan to get started.


How Do I Submit?

Finished an article? You rockstar. Our submission and editing process is designed to be as transparent as possible with writers so you can stay involved from draft to published piece.


All submissions should be made through Google Docs and are due by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. the week of publication. To submit, share (big blue SHARE icon in the righthand corner) the draft with, Hailey Bosek, editor-in-chief, or Eiman Navaid, managing editor. Please set settings to can edit when sharing. Flexibility with submission date is determined at the editors’ discrimination / peril.


After submitting, an editor will be assigned to work with the writer throughout the week leading up to publication. All edits will be made through Google Docs suggestions that the writer can track and accept / reject. All edits should be completed by Thursday, 5 p.m. Please plan accordingly for edits, but publication / number of editing rounds will be determined by the editor.


As a multimedia-driven publication, we ask that writers also provide their own multimedia for submitted pieces or have an idea of multimedia you would like to include. Please include all multimedia in an email to Hailey or Eiman. Photo files can be sent as .jpeg or .png files. Videos should be exported as a H.264 and audio files as .mp3 or .wav. If multimedia will not be provided by the writer, or if you would like additional guidance, please reach out to our multimedia editor Kiernan Sullivan.

Does 14 East adhere to AP Style?

For the most part! We also have our own style guide with specific rules and examples here:


14 East Style Guide 2020

Where should I start?

Feel free to consult our storyboarding worksheet below to help get the creative juices flowing! You can also send us an email and we’d be happy to brainstorm with you.


Tentative Story Form