420 Degrees of Cannabis Supper Clubs

Every person who utilizes cannabis in some capacity can attest to how much better food tastes when you have a THC buzz which is why edibles continue to soar in popularity. 

The cannabis industry is now a far cry from the brownies your local dealer made in their studio apartment kitchen. THC-infused delicacies have reached the gourmet market and now instead of sketchy baked goods, foodies are enjoying their filet mignon with a hint of THC. So, with marijuana legalization in Illinois passing its one-year mark, how is Illinois taking on the gourmet cannabis meal game?

Although recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois, it is still not legal to consume marijuana in a restaurant setting. With this in mind, cannabis chefs and entrepreneurs have introduced the idea of supper clubs. High-end cannabis supper clubs are quickly rising in popularity and are coming with high price tags and an air of exclusivity with waiting lists, some of which are months long.

Gourmet marijuana food has reached mainstream with TV shows like “Cooked With Cannabis” as well as Viceland’s “Bong Appetit,” showcasing how talented chefs are getting their clientele high with luxury meals. Locally, the rise of Chicago supper clubs has also been featured on Windy City Live. 

One of these exclusive supper clubs is the elegant Table For Twenty, which meets quarterly at private residences to serve multi-course infused meals and drinks to excited foodies. With upwards of 26 guests, the menu is always rotating, but dinner guests can rest assured that they will be in for a tantalizing and luxurious experience. Corporate memberships that last three months range from $200 to $500.

Table For Twenty is a dinner experience centered around cannabis-infused food. It’s really a play on words ––  “‘Table For Twenty’ because we are 420-friendly,” said Stacie Thompson, founder of Table For Twenty.

In a Chicago Tribune article, Thompson said that as a Black woman, she felt it was important to make her mark in the cannabis industry. During the beginning of Table For Twenty, Thompson said during a dinner toast in February 2019 that she wanted to pave the way for a diverse cannabis industry. “I truly, truly believe Black people deserve a seat at the cannabis table, and I am ready to take my place.”

The Herbal Chef is also gaining popularity for their secret supper club in the Chicago area. They have a free annual membership, but you have to be accepted after you fill out an application. There are locations all over the country, and Chicago’s executive chef, Bill Kim, is an expert gourmet food chef who creates an infused food experience for private parties. Dosages can be customized for each guest, so guests with a lower cannabis tolerance won’t have to worry about having too intense of a 420 experience.

These are just a few of the supper clubs that have begun popping up in Chicago since legalization. While cannabis is still illegal to consume in a restaurant, CBD, which is a chemical found in marijuana that doesn’t contain THC, is legal for consumption in some establishments. CBD restaurants will likely be showing up in abundance around the city. 

For now, foodie and cannabis enthusiasts can join one of the supper clubs or even watch one of the many cannabis cooking shows to create their own luxe THC or CBD-infused meals at home for a culinary experience that is literally out of this world.

Header image by Jewel Calimlim