Another Pandemic Valentine’s Day: How Local Busine...

Another Pandemic Valentine’s Day: How Local Businesses Are Faring During the Season of Love

As we head into the season of love, local businesses remain hopeful that even with some COVID-related difficulties, Valentine’s Day will still provide them a much-needed boost in sales.

This year Americans are expected to spend almost $24 billion on Valentine’s Day, with over half of Americans planning to celebrate the holiday of love, according to data from Statista. 

This season of gift-giving has a large impact on some businesses, with people often purchasing arrangements, jewelry and flowers for significant others. Although these industries are looking forward to increased sales from Valentine’s Day, they are also dealing with pandemic-related issues.

Luis Rubschlager, the owner of an Edible Arrangements store in Chicago, spoke about how labor shortages are impacting their business.

Danielle DuBois, an Assistant Manager at Kay Jewelers in the city, discussed how changed shopping habits are impacting stores.

Marc Waters, the owner of Bunches (a flower shop) in Chicago, explained how supply chain issues are affecting the availability of flowers.

Hear about how the Valentine’s Day industry is coping with these difficulties as February 14 approaches.




Header Image by Samarah Nasir