14 East Launches Twice-Weekly DePaul and COVID-19 ...

14 East Launches Twice-Weekly DePaul and COVID-19 Newsletter

Editor’s note: This letter was originally published in 14 East’s March 19, 2020 newsletter. 

Hello everyone,

I hope you are staying safe and finding small moments of happiness during this uncertain time. I’m Marissa Nelson, the editor-in-chief of 14 East, DePaul’s online magazine. Since DePaul announced its move to online courses, we’ve been covering the COVID-19 pandemic and how it’s affecting DePaul around the clock.

Every minute (or every second?) the news and circumstances surrounding the virus are changing. And suddenly the next three months look drastically different than they did just last week. While Spring Quarter may not occur on campus, and instead most of us will be taking our courses from our living rooms, it’s still important to stay informed about and connected with the DePaul community.

So, we’re launching a project to make everything feel a little less weird, or at least a little less disconnected.

On Thursday, March 19, we launched our twice-weekly (on Mondays and Thursdays) newsletter to help keep you up to date on what’s happening in the DePaul community. We’ll share the latest COVID-19 updates and relevant resources. And we’ll share information that isn’t so, well, sad. We’ll profile professors who are making online courses particularly interesting (we’ll ask you to point us in their direction). And we’ll share what DePaul community members are reading, listening to and watching to get their minds off the coronavirus pandemic.

You can view our latest update here, and sign up below to get the newsletter sent to your inbox.

Stay safe and healthy,

Marissa Nelson

Editor-in-Chief, 14 East

Header image by Yusra Shah and Jenni Holtz, 14 East