Latinx People Face Disproportionate Chances of Dev...

Latinx People Face Disproportionate Chances of Developing Diabetes, but Cultural Changes Can Help Decrease the Risk

In the United States, 34 million adults have diabetes and an additional 88 million are at risk of developing the disease. This year, the White House sought to draw attention to this by proclaiming November Diabetes Awareness Month — and it couldn’t be more timely. 

The CDC reports that people living with diabetes are more likely to get severely ill from COVID-19, meaning they are more likely to be hospitalized, need intensive care, be placed on a ventilator or even die. 

In Chicago, the rate for diabetes is higher in majority Black and Latinx zip codes – which make up most of the city’s South and West Sides. These areas also have higher rates of diabetes-related hospitalizations, amputations and deaths.

The diabetic rate for Latinx folks in Chicago is higher than most, with Mexican Americans in particular at 19%. 

This podcast looks at the social and cultural challenges Latinxs face when it comes to diabetes.

Guests in the podcast include Steve Wiley, manager at the Pilsen Food Pantry Susana Gonzales, nurse and educator and Yari Vargas, chef and owner of Casa Yari.

Yari Vargas also shared with us this recipe that she recommends for a keto diet. 


3 tbsp of avocado oil

1 tbsp of kosher salt

1 tsp of dry oregano

1 tsp of azafran or ground paprika

2 cloves of finely minced fresh garlic

A few pieces of Fresh chopped cilantro


2 boneless & skinless chicken breast

1. Mix all ingredients with the avocado oil to create the marinade.

2. Tenderize chicken breast by using a mallet, once the chicken is nice and flat evenly rub the avocado oil mixture, marinate for at least 30 minutes or overnight. 

3. In a non-stick skillet (preferably cast iron) warm up the skillet and place the marinated chicken and cook on both sides till the temperature reaches 165 or no longer pink. 

Enjoy this with a side of garden salad of your own choice or brown rice.