A Walk Through Wintrust

This podcast is a collaboration between Radio DePaul Sports and 14 East. Listen to Radio DePaul Sports on Google Play or Apple Podcasts, or find them here.

When students talk about DePaul basketball, it’s rarely about the teams — it’s the arena. Since the $170 million cost to build the new Wintrust Arena in 2017, attendance at DePaul Men’s Basketball games has yet to reach its projected mark. According to The DePaulia, Wintrust is averaging a turnstile attendance (number of those who bought tickets and attended the game) of 1,274 attendees for the men’s 2018-2019 non-conference games.

While there might be whispers of Wintrust, 14 East and Radio DePaul Sports set out to get the full experience for ourselves — that included student bus rides, high-priced concession stands and a feverish student section. What we found was few but loyal fans, lots of worthwhile promotions for both men’s and women’s games and a DePaul Men’s Basketball team that might actually have a postseason shot.

Listen above to walk with us through Wintrust.


Header image by Natalie Wade